Artifacts using JAI Codec (50)

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A netbeans library wrapper for geotools library components
Last Release on Feb 7, 2013
A netbeans library wrapper for several common libraries including several apache commons- and xml libraries
Last Release on Nov 23, 2014
XML Graphics Format Object Processor
Last Release on Aug 21, 2023
Core definitions of images, pixels and connected components. Also contains interfaces for processors for these basic types. Includes loading, saving and displaying images.
Last Release on Feb 9, 2020
LogicalDOC Core
Last Release on Oct 31, 2023
Synat: Implementation of Business Services
Last Release on Jan 3, 2019
Synat UI Commons
Last Release on Jan 3, 2019
Functional test automation framework for web, mobile-web, mobile native and web-service
Last Release on Aug 27, 2023
Module for processing images.
Last Release on Dec 2, 2021
TrakEM2 plugin for ImageJ.
Last Release on Sep 3, 2022