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Akka is a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications for Java and Scala.
Last Release on Aug 19, 2021
Last Release on Apr 8, 2021
Lighty Controller
Last Release on Sep 10, 2021
Akka gRPC - Support for building streaming gRPC servers and clients on top of Akka Streams.
Last Release on Aug 31, 2021
Last Release on Apr 9, 2021
Last Release on Apr 9, 2021
Last Release on Apr 9, 2021
Last Release on Mar 19, 2021
Last Release on Apr 9, 2021
OSGi Wrapper Bundle for [com.typesafe.akka::akka-stream:2.6.6]. This is the original jar provided by the Akka team with reviewed OSGi manifest settings. No code has been changed within the jar nor has content been removed or added. For the original work, please refer to the Akka project documentation at
Last Release on Jun 20, 2020