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Group WalmartLabs Concord
Group WalmartLabs Ollie

3. Lacinia18 usages

com.walmartlabs » laciniaApache

A GraphQL server implementation in Clojure
Last Release on May 19, 2020
Group WalmartLabs BigBen

5. Test Reporting4 usages

com.walmartlabs » test-reportingApache

Simple library to pretty print context when tests fail.
Last Release on May 31, 2017
Group WalmartLabs Ern

7. Pallet2 usages

com.walmartlabs » palletEPL

DevOps for the JVM. Pallet is a platform for agile and programmatic automation of infrastructure in the cloud, on server racks or directly on virtual machines. Pallet provides cloud provider and operating system independence, and allows for an unprecedented level of customization.
Last Release on Nov 11, 2016

8. Lacinia Pedestal1 usages

com.walmartlabs » lacinia-pedestalApache

Pedestal infrastructure supporting Lacinia GraphQL
Last Release on May 15, 2020

9. Dyn EDN1 usages

com.walmartlabs » dyn-ednApache

Dynamic properties in EDN content
Last Release on Jun 1, 2018
Logback Appender that sends events to Riemann
Last Release on Jan 20, 2017

11. Riemann JMX Clj

com.walmartlabs » riemann-jmx-cljEPL

A JMX connector to riemann
Last Release on Oct 26, 2016

12. WalmartLas

com.walmartlabs » walmartlabs-pomApache

WalmartLabs: Maven Parent POM to enable standardization among our Maven-powered open source projects.
Last Release on Apr 11, 2018

13. Pedestal Lacinia

com.walmartlabs » pedestal-laciniaApache

Pedestal infrastructure supporting Lacinia GraphQL
Last Release on Apr 19, 2017

14. Cond Let

com.walmartlabs » cond-letApache

cond-let: a macro that merges cond and let
Last Release on Oct 3, 2018

15. Schematic

com.walmartlabs » schematicApache

A library to aid in assembling Systems for use with Component
Last Release on May 22, 2020

16. Nexus Crate

com.walmartlabs » nexus-crateEPL

Pallet crate that assist in downloading artifacts from nexus repositories
Last Release on Oct 5, 2015

17. SMF Crate

com.walmartlabs » smf-crateEPL

Provides pallet commands to create an smf service. Originally forked from
Last Release on Jul 25, 2016
Group WalmartLabs X12
Group WalmartLabs AppServer
Group WalmartLabs NetScaler