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A Maven plugin whose responsibility is to validate Wix Open Source Project. These validations includes: * Maven POM requirements (e.g., non-blank 'artifactId') * Sonatype requirements (e.g., 'scm') * Wix requirements (e.g., 'organization' populated with Wix details)

CategoriesMaven Plugins
DateSep 13, 2016
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New Version1.1.0

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Build Model
Apache 2.0
org.apache.maven » maven-project 3.0-alpha-23.8.6

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BSD 2-clause
com.wix » specs2-jmock_2.11

Apache 2.0
com.wix » accord-specs2-3-x_2.11 0.5

Apache 2.0
org.apache.maven » maven-embedder

Apache 2.0
org.apache.maven » maven-model-builder


modified BSD License


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Raz, Ohadohadr<at>wix.comowner
Ohad Razohadr<at>wix.comowner
Igal Hareligalh<at>wix.comowner
Dima Goltsmandimitrig<at>wix.comdeveloper
Shachar Ancheloivchshacharan<at>wix.comdeveloper