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An alternative Android testing framework.
Last Release on Oct 11, 2019
An alternative Android testing framework.
Last Release on May 17, 2017
Reads XML using the VTD parser.
Last Release on Mar 28, 2019
EuDML common tools
Last Release on May 11, 2017
The core functional filter module for the Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform
Last Release on Aug 30, 2019
Wrangler Core
Last Release on Nov 30, 2018
The Annotated Gigaword API and command line tools.
Last Release on Jun 19, 2014

BlackLab is a corpus retrieval engine written in Java, built on top of Apache Lucene. It allows fast, complex searches with accurate hit highlighting on large, tagged and annotated, bodies of text. It was developed at the Institute of Dutch Lexicology (INL) to provide a fast and feature-rich search interface on our historical and contemporary text corpora.
Last Release on Nov 12, 2018
Maven plugin to release multi-module Maven projects where only changed modules should be released
Last Release on Nov 2, 2016
VTD XML parser for Clojure
Last Release on Feb 24, 2013