Implementations of the DDF Catalog Core API

LicenseLGPL 3.0
DateMay 08, 2014
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LGPL 3.0
ddf.catalog.core » catalog-core-api

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EPL 1.0LGPL 2.1
ch.qos.logback » logback-classic1 vulnerability

org.geotools » gt-main 8.428.1


GNU Lesser General Public v3


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Keith C WireLockheed Martin
Ashraf BarakatLockheed Martin
Bruce BeyelerLockheed Martin
Damon JonesLockheed Martin
Dan FigliolaLockheed Martin
Dave WillisonAviture
Hugh RodgersLockheed Martin
Ian BarnettLockheed Martin
Jason SmithLockheed Martin
Jay McNallieLockheed Martin
Jesse KimLockheed Martin
Keith WireLockheed Martin
Khoa TranLockheed Martin
Matthew RameyLockheed Martin
Michael MenousekLockheed Martin
Phillip KlinefelterLockheed Martin
Rhett OlschnerLockheed Martin
Scott TustisonLockheed Martin
Shaun MorrisLockheed Martin