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This module contains the FOP plugin to support MathML in FOP through JEuclid.
Last Release on Feb 24, 2019
Open HTML to PDF is a CSS 2.1 renderer written in Java. This artifact supports drawing MathML graphics on to PDFs using JEuclid.
Last Release on Sep 13, 2021
SnuggleTeX JEuclid Extensions
Last Release on Feb 15, 2018
Podval DocBook Gradle Plugin
Last Release on Dec 2, 2019
XML/XHTML+MathML+SVG and CSS 2.1 browser in pure Java.
Last Release on Aug 22, 2020
JEuclid Rendering of W3C MathML Testsuite
Last Release on Feb 24, 2019
java symbolic computing library and mathematical editor
Last Release on Sep 4, 2020