ZIO is a Type-safe, composable asynchronous and concurrent programming for Scala. ZIO lets developers quickly build applications that are highly scalable, testable, robust, resilient, resource-safe, efficient, and observable.

LicenseApache 2.0
CategoriesFunctional Programming
Organization dev.zio
HomePage https://zio.dev
DateJan 03, 2024
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New Version2.1.0-RC3

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Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates

Apache 2.0
dev.zio » zio-internal-macros_3

Apache 2.0
dev.zio » zio-stacktracer_3

Apache 2.0
dev.zio » izumi-reflect_3 2.3.8
JVM Languages
Apache 2.0
org.scala-lang » scala3-library_3

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CLI Parser
net.sf.jopt-simple » jopt-simple

GPL 2.0
org.openjdk.jcstress » jcstress-core 0.30.16


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John De Goesjohn<at>degoes.netjdegoes