The ucar.units Java package is for decoding and encoding formatted unit specifications (e.g. "m/s"), converting numeric values between compatible units (e.g. between "m/s" and "knot"), and for performing arithmetic operations on units (e.g. dividing one unit by another, raising a unit to a power).

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DateSep 22, 2016
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Steve Emmersonemmerson
John Caroncaron<at>unidata.ucar.educaronJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Julien Chastangchastang<at>unidata.ucar.educhastangJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Ethan Davisedavis<at>unidata.ucar.eduedavisJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Dennis Heimbignerdmh<at>unidata.ucar.edudmhJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Steve Emmersonsteve<at>unidata.ucar.eduemmersonJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Jennifer Ganter Oxelsonoxelson<at>unidata.ucar.eduoxelsonJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Marcos Hermidamhermida<at>unidata.ucar.edumhermidaJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Robb Kambicrkambic<at>unidata.ucar.edurkambicJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Russel Rewruss<at>unidata.ucar.edurussC DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA
Ho Yuanyuanho<at>unidata.ucar.eduyuanhoJava DeveloperUCAR/UNIDATA