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This archetype will create a POM that inherits from FC TIBCO Factory parent POM *OR* from the client's root POM created with 'archetype-client-root-project' archetype. This POM will be the Maven configuration for the existing TIBCO BW project. 1) you want to use the default FC TIBCO Factory parent, then replace the 'rootProjectGroupId', 'rootProjectArtifactId' & 'rootProjectVersion' by the content of 'fcFactoryGroupId', 'fcFactoryArtifactId' & 'fcFactoryVersion' respectively. 2) you ...

LicenseApache 2.0
CategoriesMaven Archetypes

2.4.1Central 0 Jan, 2016
2.4.0Central 0 Dec, 2015
2.3.4Central 0 Oct, 2015
2.3.3Central 0 Sep, 2015
2.3.2Central 0 Jul, 2015
2.3.1Central 0 Jun, 2015
2.3.0Central 0 May, 2015