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Spoon is a tool for meta-programming, analysis and transformation of Java programs.

Date(Oct 27, 2021)
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New Version10.0.1-beta-2

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NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Olivier BaraisContributor
David BernardContributor
Benoit CornuContributor
Didier DonsezContributor
Favio DeMarcoContributor
Christophe DufourContributor
Nicolas HarrandContributor
Sebastian Lamelas MarcoteContributor
Matias MartinezContributor
Martin MonperrusContributor
Carlos NogueraContributor
Renaud PawlakContributor
Nicolas PessemierContributor
Nicolas PetitprezContributor
Phillip SchichtelContributor
Lionel SeinturierContributor
Stefan WolfContributor
Gérard PaligotContributor
Alcides FonsecaContributor