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Spring Framework
Last Release on May 12, 2021
Confluence Core
Last Release on Mar 25, 2021
Atlassian Bamboo Web JAR
Last Release on Feb 11, 2021
Atlassian Bamboo API
Last Release on Mar 7, 2021
Atlassian Bamboo Core
Last Release on Nov 18, 2020
DWR is easy Ajax for Java. It makes it simple to call Java code directly from Javascript. It gets rid of almost all the boiler plate code between the web browser and your Java code.
Last Release on Dec 11, 2016
Atlassian-user is an internal project, modelling users and groups for all Atlassian applications.
Last Release on Oct 22, 2018

Contribution to Joda-Time that adds Hibernate support
Last Release on Apr 17, 2015

9. DWR20 usages

dwr » dwrApache

DWR Direct Web Remoting AJAX library
Last Release on Oct 20, 2006
Common Atlassian Spring Components
Last Release on Oct 31, 2017