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ComputeService binding to the CloudSigma datacenter in Miami

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Jul 20, 2016)
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New Version2.0.0-alpha.20160916

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Apache 2.0 » auto-service (optional) 1.0-rc21.0.1

Apache 2.0
io.cloudsoft.jclouds.labs » cloudsigma2 1.9.3-cloudsoft.201607142.4.0


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Adrian Coleadrian -at- jclouds -dot- orgadriancoleCommitter, PMC Member
Andrew Bayerabayer -at- apache -dot- orgabayerCommitter, PMC Member
Andrew GaulgaulCommitter, PMC Member
Andrew Phillipsaphillips -at- qrmedia -dot- comandrewpCommitter, PMC Member
Becca WoodssilkysunCommitter, PMC Member
Everett ToewseverettCommitter, PMC Member
Ignasi BarreranacxCommitter, PMC Member
Ioannis CanellosiocanelCommitter, PMC Member
Matt StephensonmattstepCommitter, PMC Member