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Artifacts using cucumber-core version 4.8.0

Cucumber JVM: Java
Last Release on Dec 14, 2020
Cucumber JVM: JUnit
Last Release on Dec 14, 2020
Cucumber JVM: TestNG
Last Release on Dec 14, 2020
Allure CucumberJVM 4.0
Last Release on Dec 16, 2020
JustTestLah! is a JAVA test framework targeting projects that support multiple platforms, in particular Web, Android and iOS. It follows a BDD approach and allows testing against all platforms using the same feature files. JustTestLah's main aim is to make the configuration and the actual test code as easy as possible.
Last Release on Sep 26, 2020
A plug-in for Cucumber JVM that renders an HTML report
Last Release on Jan 17, 2021
Functional test automation framework for web, mobile-web, mobile native and web-service
Last Release on Jan 23, 2020

Cucumber JVM: CDI 2
Last Release on Dec 14, 2020
Serenity Cucumber integration
Last Release on Jan 30, 2020
A framework to enable test automation engineers to focus on writing tests rather than maintaining a testing framework
Last Release on Jul 3, 2020