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The common library project for optimus studio
Last Release on Nov 21, 2017
MrChecker Test Framework Core is responsible for: * Test report with logs and/or screenshots * Test groups/tags * Data Driven (inside test case, external file) * Test case parallel execution * BDD - Gherkin – Cucumber approach * Run on independent OperatingSystem * Externalize test environment (DEV, QA, PROD) * Adding analytics source code * Update Observers Based on Junit4.12
Last Release on Dec 21, 2018
The optimus core project that manages smart bots and their functioning for test scenarios
Last Release on Dec 11, 2018
Cucumber Extension for FluentLenium
Last Release on Jan 29, 2019
Acceptance Test
Last Release on Jan 17, 2019
A test automation library based on common other best practice open source libraries. It adds missing functionalities but does not reinvent the wheel. Just glues stuff together nicely and adds some sprinkles.
Last Release on Feb 22, 2019
DigitalCollections: Flusswerk BDD Tests
Last Release on Nov 27, 2018

DC Workflow BDD
Last Release on Feb 1, 2018
A plug-in for Cucumber JVM that renders an HTML report
Last Release on Dec 3, 2018
A library to test REST services with Cucumber
Last Release on Mar 31, 2018