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A set of class providing Metrics integration for Jersey, the reference JAX-RS implementation. This module is for the old Jersey 1.x

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Dec 24, 2017)
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Apache 2.0BSDEPL 2.0GPL 2.0
com.sun.jersey » jersey-server
Application Metrics
Apache 2.0
io.dropwizard.metrics » metrics-core

Apache 2.0
io.dropwizard.metrics » metrics-annotation

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CDDL 1.1GPL 1.1
com.sun.jersey.jersey-test-framework » jersey-test-framework-inmemory


Apache License 2.0


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Coda Halecoda.hale<at>gmail.comarchitect
Ryan Tenneyryan<at>10e.uscommitter