Artifacts using jjwt version 0.5.1

The Stormpath Java SDK core implemenation .jar is used at runtime to support API invocations. This implementation jar should be a runtime dependency only and should NOT be depended on at compile time by your code. The implementations within this jar can change at any time without warning - use it with runtime scope only.
Last Release on Sep 28, 2017
Servlet-specific additions allowing one to more easily deploy the Stormpath SDK in a servlet-container-based web application.
Last Release on Sep 28, 2017
This package contains Microsoft Azure SDK for Media Services.
Last Release on Oct 26, 2017
Bosch IoT Permissions API 2 :: Client
Last Release on Aug 31, 2020
Java EPCP library.
Last Release on Sep 15, 2015
NCryptify Java Client Library
Last Release on Jan 28, 2016
GRIP library for Java.
Last Release on Jun 6, 2021
This library contains classes for configuring Spring Security to be stateless.
Last Release on Sep 20, 2015
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