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JSON API documentation for spring based applications
Last Release on Jul 14, 2020
Swagger-Bootstrap-UI is the front of the UI Swagger implementation, using jQuery+bootstrap implementation, the purpose is to replace the default UI Swagger implementation of the Swagger-UI, so that the document is more friendly...
Last Release on Aug 28, 2019
XNAT is an open-source imaging informatics software platform dedicated to helping you perform imaging-based research. XNAT’s core functions manage importing, archiving, processing and securely distributing imaging and related study data. But its extended uses continue to evolve.
Last Release on Aug 23, 2023
XNAT Data Models
Last Release on Aug 23, 2023
auth adapter reference implementation
Last Release on Dec 20, 2023
Kork Swagger
Last Release on Mar 18, 2021
MacGyver Core
Last Release on Feb 16, 2017
Registration Processor Core
Last Release on Dec 21, 2023
Openpos Utilities
Last Release on Nov 3, 2023