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Apache CXF JAX-RS Service Description OpenAPI v3
Last Release on Oct 4, 2021
Last Release on Sep 29, 2021
Swagger Inflector
Last Release on Oct 2, 2021
This is the MAVEN project that builds everything for ONAP CLAMP. Docker engine is normally requires to perfom all possible tasks (including integration tests) It can build: - The ONAP CLAMP JAR that contains CLAMP back-end code. - The DOCKER images for: * CLAMP backend (Java Spring) * CLAMP frontend (Javscript React) It can test: - The CLAMP backend, JAVA unit testing - The CLAMP backend, JAVA ...
Last Release on Nov 10, 2020
This is a maven plugin which allows you to generate OpenApiSpecification v3 (Also known as Swagger) for JAX-RS resources during your build. It allows to generate multiples *.yaml files for different resource packages.
Last Release on Feb 16, 2018
Last Release on Mar 4, 2018