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APIs for CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java)

LicenseApache 2.0
Organization JBoss by Red Hat, Inc.
Date(Sep 16, 2020)
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Note: There is a new version for this artifact

New Version4.0.0-RC3

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Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates

EPL 2.0
jakarta.el » jakarta.el-api 4.0.0

Apache 2.0
jakarta.inject » jakarta.inject-api

EPL 2.0
jakarta.interceptor » jakarta.interceptor-api

Provided Dependencies (2)

Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates

EPL 2.0
jakarta.ejb » jakarta.ejb-api 4.0.0-RC24.0.0

EPL 2.0
jakarta.transaction » jakarta.transaction-api 2.0.0-RC22.0.0

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Apache 2.0
org.testng » testng

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Apache License 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Antoine Sabot-Durandasd[at]redhat[dot]comasabotduSpecfication LeadRed Hat Inc.
Martin Koubamkouba[at]redhat[dot]commkoubaRI tech leadRed Hat Inc.
Tomas Remestremes[at]redhat[dot]comtremesTCK tech leadRed Hat Inc.
Mark Strubergstruberg[at]yahoo[dot]demstrubergImplementation developer
John D. Amentjohndament[at]apache[dot]orgjohndamentEG MemberIndependent
Matej Novotnymanovotn[at]redhat[dot]commanovotnTCK and RI developerRed Hat Inc.
Mark Paluchmpaluch[at]paluch[dot]bizmp911deEG MemberIndependent
Eclipse EE4J Developersee4j-pmc<at>eclipse.orgeclipseee4jEclipse Foundation