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dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java
Last Release on Feb 10, 2006
Last Release on Dec 4, 2006
the hasor core project.
Last Release on Mar 31, 2021
NetBeans Modules XML JAXB API
Last Release on Dec 1, 2021
Last Release on Jan 14, 2022
A simple API to access Amazon's SQS, EC2, SimpleDB and DevPay LS web services.
Last Release on Oct 6, 2010
Fedora Server Library
Last Release on Jun 11, 2015
JBPM GWT Console Shared
Last Release on Dec 18, 2012
The Grinder load testing framework. The Grinder is a load testing framework that makes it easy to run a distributed test using many load injector machines. Test scripts are written in Jython or Clojure. HTTP scripts can be recorded easily from a browser session.
Last Release on Oct 24, 2012
JSR 173 - Streaming API for XML - Reference Implementation
Last Release on Apr 23, 2006