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Hibernate ORM 6.0.0.Alpha7 release. See
Last Release on Mar 19, 2021
Spring Modules Cache
Last Release on Mar 12, 2007
OGNL - Object Graph Navigation Library
Last Release on Sep 5, 2022
Seam core module for Seam framework integrated with JSF2
Last Release on Jan 20, 2015
RHQ domain model classes (i.e. POJOs used by both server and agent)
Last Release on Dec 2, 2014
Tapestry IOC
Last Release on Jun 16, 2022
Tapestry Test
Last Release on Jun 16, 2022
WebWork is a Java web-application development framework. It is built specifically with developer productivity and code simplicity in mind, providing robust support for building reusable UI templates, such as form controls, UI themes, internationalization, dynamic form parameter mapping to JavaBeans, robust client and server side validation, and much more.
Last Release on Apr 13, 2007
XWork is an command-pattern framework that is used to power WebWork as well as other applications. XWork provides an Inversion of Control container, a powerful expression language, data type conversion, validation, and pluggable configuration.
Last Release on May 29, 2007
A module for Jersey, the JAX-RS RI.
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018