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Artifacts using jxl version 2.6

DataObject is a data mapping model.
Last Release on Jun 1, 2018
NYLA Office provides utilities for creating Excel, PDF and open office documents.
Last Release on Aug 26, 2019
Zuv Document Library
Last Release on Sep 27, 2019
The web model liberary of XWorker.
Last Release on Jun 1, 2018
a simple streaming spreadsheet for microsoft excel
Last Release on Sep 29, 2019
Maven SonarJ Plugin SonarJ Maven Mojo
Last Release on Oct 1, 2016
This is a set of utilities and classes that I have found useful over the years. In my career spanning over a decade, I have time and again written the same code or some part of the code over and over again. I never found the time to collate the details in a reusable library. This project will be a collection of such files. The work that I have been doing is more than 5 years old, however the project has been conceived in 2011.
Last Release on Nov 22, 2011

MirninT | Tools
Last Release on Feb 20, 2019
XWorker app model liberary.
Last Release on Jan 12, 2016
Onway Admin Web
Last Release on Jan 24, 2018