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Artifacts using joda-time version 1.6.1

a Java CouchDB persistence library
Last Release on Sep 27, 2017
Last Release on Oct 13, 2017
phloc base date and time stuff
Last Release on Nov 22, 2017
Last Release on Oct 13, 2017
Classes utilising Joda Time that add Hibernate support
Last Release on Mar 19, 2012
Shared dependencies for Usertype jars
Last Release on Jan 25, 2018
Dorman API
Last Release on Sep 21, 2012

A framework for processing and analyzing data in a database, spreadsheet or other data source. AnalyzerBeans is widely based on a simple annotation-based development model where plugin/component development is very easy while it still supports reuse of business logic, configurability, type-safety and super-fast execution.
Last Release on Jan 15, 2015
Hector Object Mapper
Last Release on Jun 16, 2014
Scala mapper for hbase
Last Release on Dec 5, 2013