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Clojure utility functions that come up time and again while developing clojure software
Last Release on May 16, 2019
Group management api that supports locks, empheral data and membership join and leave notification
Last Release on Jun 19, 2014
Clojure monad library by using functors and copying to simplicity of haskell
Last Release on Feb 20, 2014
Fast clojure tcp library based on netty
Last Release on Jun 1, 2016

5. Ciste

ciste » cisteEPL

MVC platform for Clojure applications
Last Release on Jul 21, 2013
Write data to files split by topic and rolled over on size or a timeout, files can be compressed using lzo, snappy or gzip
Last Release on May 16, 2019
Utility that exposes a ProtoBuff Message as a Map
Last Release on Oct 23, 2015

Intelligent thread execution and pooling that automatically create different pools to isolate slow running tasks from faster running tasks and avoid the system slowing down.
Last Release on May 19, 2016