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Bundles dependencies to support the most prominent use cases. Provides the file system drivers for JAR and ZIP.
Last Release on Jan 30, 2021
Access content of archives (Zip, Tar, Jar, GZip, etc)
Last Release on Dec 27, 2021
Repository Builder Maven Plugin
Last Release on Nov 11, 2015
Driver modules provide services to extend the TrueVFS Kernel with support for a particular type of file system. Driver modules advertise their services on the class path in order to make them locatable by the TrueVFS Kernel at runtime.
Last Release on Aug 7, 2016
Provides integration tests for TrueVFS.
Last Release on Sep 19, 2017
Sample applications to demonstrate the usage of TrueVFS modules to support many, even esoteric use cases.
Last Release on Jan 30, 2021