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Selenide = concise API for Selenium WebDriver
Last Release on Sep 25, 2020
page-factory-core description
Last Release on Sep 16, 2020
com.usmanhussain.habanero - Habanero allows automated tests to be written within a DevOps, Agile or Waterfall (unfortunately) platform. Designed, Developed, Implemented and Loved by Mr Usman H Hussain
Last Release on May 5, 2019
Framework based on Selenium
Last Release on Feb 8, 2018
BrowserMob Proxy REST Module
Last Release on Sep 11, 2017
Library to easily create tests using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG.
Last Release on Apr 24, 2016
Simple rest client-server factory, you give it a url, it does the rest!
Last Release on Jun 9, 2016

com.usmanhussain - Test Automation framework which allows tests to be written within a DevOps platform. Designed, Developed and Implemented by Mr Usman H Hussain
Last Release on Oct 5, 2017
Serenity Browsermob integration
Last Release on Sep 8, 2020
page-factory description
Last Release on Nov 26, 2018