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1. Pyrolite9 usages

net.razorvine » pyroliteMIT

This library allows your Java program to interface very easily with the Python world. It uses the Pyro protocol to call methods on remote objects. (See To that end, it also contains and uses a feature complete pickle protocol implementation -read and write- to exchange data with Pyro/Python. Pyrolite only implements part of the client side Pyro library, hence its name 'lite'... But because Pyrolite has no dependencies, it is a much lighter way to use Pyro from Java/.NET ...
Last Release on Jun 21, 2019

2. Serpent1 usages

net.razorvine » serpentMIT

Serpent serializes an object tree into a Python ast.literal_eval() compatible literal expression. It is safe to send serpent data to other machines over the network for instance (because only 'safe' literals are encoded). There is also a deserializer or parse provided that turns such a literal expression back into the appropriate Java object tree. It is an alternative to JSON to provide easy data integration between Java and Python. Serpent is more expressive as JSON (it supports more data types).
Last Release on Jul 3, 2017