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Simple Java delimited and fixed width file parser. Handles CSV, Excel CSV, Tab, Pipe delimiters, just to name a few. Maps column positions in the file to user friendly names via XML. See FlatPack Feature List under News for complete feature list.

LicenseApache 2.0
CategoriesCSV Libraries
Date(Jul 20, 2018)
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New Version4.0.4

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EPL 2.0
junit » junit
Apache 2.0
org.assertj » assertj-core


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Paul Zepernickzepernick at users.sourceforge.netzepernickFounder, Java DeveloperPaul Zepernick
Benoit Xhensevalkit AT objectlab DOT co dOt ukbenoitxDeveloperAppendium Ltd
Marcin Jekotmarcin at jekot DOt netmarchySubversion migObjectLab Financial Ltd
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