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This OSGi bundle wraps kafka_2.13 3.2.0 jar file.
Last Release on Jun 8, 2022
Phoenix Query Server Orchestrator
Last Release on Aug 3, 2021
The PDS4 LDDTool uses the Maven plugin "model-dmdocument" as an executible jar to process an input XML file. The input XML document is parsed and the contents are validated against the master database. The validated contents are integrated into the master database. The XML Schema and Schematron files are written. The process report and spreadsheet are written.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2022
Apache Kafka
Last Release on May 9, 2022
A Domain-Specific-Language for creating expressive and simple automation scripts for Selenium-based web-agents.
Last Release on Mar 15, 2022
Last Release on Jun 16, 2022
Apache Kafka
Last Release on May 9, 2022
RADAR Schemas specification and validation tools.
Last Release on Apr 12, 2021
Set of Maven dependencies for basic dropwizard setup
Last Release on Mar 27, 2022
Last Release on Feb 21, 2021