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Oxalis integration test. Compiles and packages everything, after which the web container is started in the pre-integration-test phase, the .war file is deployed and the tests are executed in the integration-test phase. After the tests have been executed, the web container is stopped in the post-integration-test phase. The reason for using failsafe is the fact that Surefire would fail the build in the integration-test phase, without taking down the ...

LicenseEUPL 1.1LGPL 3.0

4.0.0-RC2Central 0 Mar, 2017
4.0.0-RC1Central 0 May, 2016
4.0.0-BETA1Central 0 Mar, 2016
3.2.0Central 0 May, 2016
3.2.0-RC1Central 0 Mar, 2016
3.1.1Central 0 Aug, 2015