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6. NARE2 usages

no.nav » nareMIT

NARE is a variation over the Specification pattern, as described by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler
Last Release on Jan 29, 2019
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Checkstyle/PMD/Findbugs XML config for NAV
Last Release on Apr 7, 2018
Definitions for events in Ditt NAV
Last Release on Mar 25, 2020

11. NARE

no.nav » nare-prometheusMIT

Adds a single function to register metrics on NARE-evaluations
Last Release on Feb 12, 2019

12. ARXaaS

no.nav » arxaasMIT

ARXaaS is a Anonymization as a Service project implemented as a RESTful web application using Spring Boot.
Last Release on Feb 24, 2020

13. Vault JDBC

no.nav » vault-jdbcMIT

This library contains helpers for PostgreSQL-Vault integration.
Last Release on Aug 31, 2021
Simple API for running a Kafka/Confluent environment locally
Last Release on Aug 25, 2021
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