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A dialect for Thymeleaf that allows you to use layout/decorator templates to style your content.
Last Release on Aug 28, 2021

2. Thymeleaf Testing JUnit4 usages » thymeleaf-testing-junitApache

A Thymeleaf Testing / JUnit bridge to treat each Thymeleaf test file as a JUnit test.
Last Release on Jul 11, 2021
A simplified API for working with Thymeleaf expressions
Last Release on Aug 21, 2021
Output elements and values only if the value exist
Last Release on Aug 22, 2021

5. Thymeleaf Joda Dialect1 usages » thymeleaf-joda-dialectApache

Adds Joda utility methods to Thymeleaf templates
Last Release on May 9, 2016
Render a portion of a Thymeleaf template based on the current Spring environment
Last Release on Oct 31, 2020

7. Thymeleaf Template Servlet » thymeleaf-template-servletApache

Standalone servlet for serving Thymeleaf templates.
Last Release on May 9, 2016