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Artifacts using antlr-runtime version 3.5.1

The ANTLR 3 tool.
Last Release on Mar 25, 2014
Bennu Core
Last Release on Jun 24, 2021
Assembly for XML
Last Release on Nov 15, 2020
Complete distribution for ANTLR 3
Last Release on Mar 25, 2014
This OSGi bundle wraps antlr 3.5.2 jar file.
Last Release on Apr 5, 2014
Consumed by both Crowd and JIRA to provide components for Crowd's REST APIs
Last Release on Oct 30, 2017
Core package of the metafacture tool suite
Last Release on Jan 9, 2017
强烈建议使用J2mvc 2.1以后的版本。 version 2.1.01 1.优化路径跳转,Servlet和Filter方式的路径设置 2.优化内存销毁 3.更换JSON依赖包 4.优化接收方法RequestMethod,封装不同ContentType格式提交 封装JSON,XML数据提交模块 JSON请求示例 { "id":"JSON134851", "title":"JSON提交的标题", "price":65.1, "stock":100 } XML请求示例 <!DOCTYPE root [ <!ELEMENT root ANY> <!ATTLIST Product SSN ID #REQUIRED>]> <root> <Product SSN='id'>XMLID12354</Product> <Product SSN='title'>XML提交的标题 </Product> <Product SSN='price'>55 </Product> <Product SSN='stock'>32 </Product> </root> version ...
Last Release on Jul 2, 2021
Reverse Engineering Meta Programming Library (REMPL) that enables manipulations with source code meta constructs, like classes, methods, files, packages, etc. in runtime.
Last Release on Jun 26, 2014
Stratio META
Last Release on Jun 27, 2014