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Artifacts using antlr4 version 4.5

Pegasus is a framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asychronous type-checked REST + JSON APIs.
Last Release on Dec 17, 2019
The cql-to-elm library for the Clinical Quality Language Java reference implementation
Last Release on Apr 15, 2021
Maven plugin for ANTLR 4 grammars
Last Release on Mar 11, 2021
Last Release on Jan 22, 2021
Protostuff Compiler Parser
Last Release on Nov 21, 2018
Cuneiform Core
Last Release on May 17, 2016
Last Release on Dec 2, 2016

This project allows a user to interact with ESP services in a controlled manner. The API calls available under allow for a user to target ESP's across multiple environments running a range of hpccsystems-platform versions. There is no guarantee that if a user utilizes generated stub code from wsdl, that the calls will be backwards compatible with older hpccsystems-platform versions.
Last Release on Jun 9, 2021
Antlr Java Parser aims to create a Java parser using Antlr 4 grammar rules.
Last Release on Jul 21, 2015
Rule Executor
Last Release on Aug 28, 2018