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Camel core functionality and basic Camel languages: Constant, ExchangeProperty, Header, Ref, Ref, Simple and Tokenize

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Jul 29, 2019)
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New Version2.2.0

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GPL 2.0 » svm

Apache 2.0
io.quarkus » quarkus-core

Apache 2.0
io.quarkus » quarkus-arc

Apache 2.0
io.quarkus » quarkus-jaxb

Apache 2.0
io.quarkus » quarkus-caffeine
Enterprise Integration
Apache 2.0
org.apache.camel » camel-core 3.0.0-M23.11.2


Apache License, Version 2.0


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The Apache Camel Teamdev<at>camel.apache.orgApache Software Foundation