Artifacts using camel-language version 3.16.0

Core classes for Apache Camel, an Open Source integration framework that empowers you to quickly and easily integrate various systems consuming or producing data.
Last Release on Oct 3, 2022
Camel unit testing with JUnit 5
Last Release on Oct 3, 2022
Depends on all components to ensure correct build ordering
Last Release on Oct 3, 2022
Spring-Boot Starter for Camel Language component
Last Release on Oct 3, 2022
Camel-operon is a camel-component for running Operon. Operon is a programming language which can be easily embedded with JVM-based languages (Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Clojure, etc.) or run standalone with the native-version. Operon is especially great for transforming and handling JSON-data.
Last Release on Sep 29, 2022
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