Artifacts using Apache Commons Compress (3,095)

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Implementation for Apache Log4J, a highly configurable logging tool that focuses on performance and low garbage generation. It has a plugin architecture that makes it extensible and supports asynchronous logging based on LMAX Disruptor.
Last Release on Jun 21, 2023
Apache Hadoop Common
Last Release on Jun 26, 2023
Apache POI - Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files
Last Release on Sep 29, 2023
Core libraries for Apache Spark, a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing.
Last Release on Sep 13, 2023
Avro is a row-oriented remote procedure call and data serialization framework that produces a compact binary format.
Last Release on Sep 24, 2023
Isolated container management for Java code testing
Last Release on Aug 21, 2023
Last Release on Mar 3, 2015
Jenkins core code and view files to render HTML.
Last Release on Sep 5, 2023
Tooling to package and deploy Javascript libraries for Clojurescript projects
Last Release on Jan 31, 2020
Plexus Archiver Component
Last Release on Jul 25, 2023