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Artifacts using commons-math3 version 3.0

Neo4j query language
Last Release on Jun 21, 2021
Last Release on Apr 22, 2014
CSS Sprites Generator Done Right. SmartSprites maintains CSS sprites in your designs, fully automatically. No tedious copying and pasting to your CSS when adding or changing sprited images.
Last Release on Apr 19, 2017
The core implementation of the UIMA Ruta rule engine.
Last Release on May 17, 2021
Alfresco Benchmark Server
Last Release on May 5, 2017
ONgDB query language
Last Release on Apr 1, 2021
Echocat Jomon Runtime
Last Release on May 31, 2016

The GraphStream library. With GraphStream you deal with graphs. Static and Dynamic. You create them from scratch, from a file or any source. You display and render them. This package contains algorithms and generators.
Last Release on Sep 14, 2020
Last Release on Jul 1, 2016
CDK Fingerprint
Last Release on May 5, 2021