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Hazelcast All
Last Release on Jul 13, 2021
Provides services to install OSGi bundles and configurations by supplying input streams and dictionaries.
Last Release on Aug 10, 2021
Pax TransX TM Narayana
Last Release on Jan 26, 2022
Maven Plugin to convert Configurations / Packages to Feature Model format
Last Release on Jan 15, 2021
Dozer is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another.
Last Release on Jun 30, 2020
Maven plugin to analyse AEM components
Last Release on May 25, 2022
This bundle provides JAAS modules which can be used in Karaf (LDAP, JDBC, etc).
Last Release on May 7, 2021
Sling Featuremodel Unpack Extension
Last Release on Feb 14, 2022
Creates an Executable JAR file to launch Sling Feature Model Project
Last Release on Nov 4, 2020
Maven plugin to generate classification maps from existing AEM instances (
Last Release on Mar 11, 2020