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Classes to extract text content from binary documents

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Sep 26, 2011)
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EPL 2.0
junit » junit
Logging Bridge
org.slf4j » slf4j-log4j12


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Alexander Klimetschekalexklicommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Angela Schreiberangelacommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Ard Schrijversardcommitter, PMC memberHippo
Christoph Kiehlckiehlcommitter, PMC member
Christophe Lombartclombartcommitter, PMC member
Claus Köllckoellcommitter, PMC member
David Nuescheleruncledcommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Dominique Pfisterdpfistercommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Edgar Poceedgarpocecommitter, PMC member
Esteban Franqueiroeafcommitter, PMC member
Felix Meschbergerfmeschbecommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Jukka Zittingjukkacommitter, PMC chairDay Software
Julian Reschkereschkecommitter, PMC membergreenbytes GmbH
Marcel Reuteggermreuteggcommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Martijn Hendriksmartijnhcommitter, PMC memberGX
Michael Dürigmduerigcommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Peeter Piegazeppiegazecommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Przemo Pakulskippakulskicommitter, PMC memberCognifide
Roy T. Fieldingfieldingcommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Sébastien Launaysebastiencommitter, PMC memberAnyware Technologies
Serge Hubershubercommitter, PMC member
Stefan Guggisbergstefancommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Sylvain Wallezsylvaincommitter, PMC member
Thomas Müllerthomasmcommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Tobias Bocanegratripodcommitter, PMC memberDay Software
Andrew Savoryasavoryemeritus
Brian MoseleymoseleyemeritusOpen Source Applications Foundation (OSAF)
Gianugo Rabellinogianugoemeritus
Paul Russellprussellemeritus
Stefano Mazzocchistefanoemeritus
Tim Reillytreillyemeritus