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Wagon provider that gets and puts artifacts using SSH protocol with a preinstalled SSH client

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(May 07, 2006)
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RepositoriesCentralApache ReleasesIBiblioSpring Lib MSpring Plugins
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New Version3.4.1

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Apache 2.0
plexus » plexus-utils 1.0-alpha-13.3.0

Apache 2.0
plexus » plexus-utils 1.0-alpha-13.3.0


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Michal Maczkamichal<at>codehaus.commichalDeveloperCodehaus
Brett Porterbrett<at>apache.orgbrettDeveloper
Jason van Zyljason<at>maven.orgjvanzylDeveloper