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Artifacts using maven-core version 3.2.2

Maven2 classes maintained as compatibility layer.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2018
Maven embeddable component, with CLI and logging support.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2018
Last Release on Oct 18, 2018
Guvnor - M2_REPO Backend
Last Release on Oct 24, 2017
The Apache Maven distribution, source and binary, in zip and tar.gz formats.
Last Release on Jun 22, 2018
Forge Maven Projects Impl
Last Release on Aug 8, 2018
This library provides an Ant task and a Maven plugin to create Debian packages from Java builds in a truly cross platform manner. Build your Debian packages on any platform that has Java support. Windows, Linux, OS X - it doesn't require additional native tools installed.
Last Release on Jan 3, 2018

KIE :: Maven Plugin
Last Release on Oct 4, 2018
KIE EAP Org Apache Maven Static Module
Last Release on Oct 18, 2016
Load poms, resolve dependencies. Useful to learn about aether:
Last Release on Dec 5, 2016