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This module provides plugable CDI-Testing support for the Apache OpenWebBeans CDI container.

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Dec 05, 2012)
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New Version1.2.8

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EPL 2.0
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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Gurkan Erdogdugerdogdu at apache dot orggerdogduPMC, Chair
Joe Bergmarkbergmark at gmail dot combergmarkPMC
Kevan Millerkevan dot miller at gmail dot comkevanPMC
Matthias Wessendorfmatzew at apache dot orgmatzewCommitter,MentorOracle, Germany
Eric Covenercovener at gmail dot comcovenerPMC
Mark Strubergstruberg at yahoo dot destrubergPMC
David Blevinsdavid dot blevins at visi dot comdblevinsPMC
Gerhard Petracekgpetracek at apache dot, Austria
Rohit Kelapurekelapure at apache dot orgkelapureCommitterIBM
Paul J. Rederrederpj at apache dot orgrederpjCommitter
David Jencksdjencks at apache dot orgdjencksPMC
Martin Kocimartinkoci at apache dot orgmartinkocicommitter