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Group: org.apache.river

1. Start7 usages

org.apache.river » startApache

This executable JAR file is the primary entry point for the Service Starter. It acts as both the class path for the container virtual machine (VM) for the Java platform that executes non-activatable services, and as the setup VM for activatable services.

2. org.apache.river.examples

Group used by 7 artifacts

3. Jini Core5 usages

org.apache.river » jini-coreApache

Jini Core

4. Jini Ext5 usages

org.apache.river » jini-extApache

Jini Ext

5. Jsk Lib4 usages

org.apache.river » jsk-libApache

Jsk Lib

6. Reggie2 usages

org.apache.river » reggieApache

River Lookup and Registry service implementation

7. Mahalo1 usages

org.apache.river » mahaloApache

Mahalo Transaction Manager service implementation

8. Outrigger Dl1 usages

org.apache.river » outrigger-dlApache

Outrigger JavaSpace service client download jar

9. Tools1 usages

org.apache.river » toolsApache

This JAR file contains tools for: checking configuration files; checking for missing serialVersionUID fields; computing class dependencies; providing HTTP service; generating message digests; generating HTTPMD URLs; examining the run-time environment of a Jini component; generating wrapper JAR files; and generating preferred lists. When used as an executable JAR file, it runs the ClassServer.

10. Outrigger1 usages

org.apache.river » outriggerApache

Outrigger JavaSpace service implementation

11. Reggie Dl1 usages

org.apache.river » reggie-dlApache

River Lookup and Registry service client download jar

12. Browser

org.apache.river » browserApache


13. Sun Util

org.apache.river » sun-utilApache

Sun Util

14. Jsk Policy

org.apache.river » jsk-policyApache

Jsk Policy

15. Serviceui

org.apache.river » serviceuiApache


16. Envcheck

org.apache.river » envcheckApache


17. Browser Dl

org.apache.river » browser-dlApache

Browser Dl

18. Outrigger Snaplogstore

org.apache.river » outrigger-snaplogstoreApache

Outrigger Snaplogstore

19. Checkconfigurationfile

org.apache.river » checkconfigurationfileApache


20. Preferredlistgen

org.apache.river » preferredlistgenApache