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Atlassian Plugins TestRunner
Last Release on Aug 5, 2022
Registry Test Utility Module
Last Release on Feb 19, 2017
Internet2 Groups Management Toolkit
Last Release on Sep 22, 2022
Apache Wink Client :: Apache Http Client
Last Release on Aug 26, 2013
The UnboundID SCIM SDK is a library that may be used to interact with various types of SCIM-enabled endpoints (such as the UnboundID server products) to perform lightweight, cloud-based identity management via the SCIM Protocol. See for more information.
Last Release on Sep 8, 2021
Apache Tuscany SCA REST Binding Runtime
Last Release on Sep 30, 2013
Provides a DSL to create and update Atlassian Bamboo build plans from a configuration file.
Last Release on May 3, 2021
Integration Test Utilities
Last Release on Aug 5, 2016
Plugin that detects shift-reload commands from the browser and reloads the underlying plugin.
Last Release on Dec 11, 2017
This is the main plugin providing integration capabilities between Confluence and HipChat. To get started, set up a link to HipChat and map spaces to rooms using the HipChat Integration configuration page.
Last Release on Jun 2, 2019