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Artifacts using batik-xml version 1.8

PDI Core
Last Release on Aug 17, 2022
Batik SVG microsyntax parser
Last Release on Sep 22, 2022
LibLoader is a general purpose resource loading framework. It has been designed to allow to load resources from any physical location and to allow the processing of that content data in a generic way, totally transparent to the user of that library.
Last Release on Aug 18, 2022
a client-server websocket platform for sending gorilla-ui visualizations to the browser from the REPL
Last Release on Dec 4, 2021
This OSGi bundle wraps batik-bridge, batik-extension, batik-svggen, batik-transcoder 1.14 jar files.
Last Release on Feb 6, 2021
Incanter-svg is the SVG module of the Incanter project.
Last Release on Jun 10, 2018
Pentaho Big Data Assemblies PMR Libraries
Last Release on Apr 6, 2022
A Notespace extension for rendering Sicmutils math nicely.
Last Release on Jul 2, 2021
CGG Core
Last Release on Oct 28, 2019
This OSGi bundle wraps fop 2.7 jar file.
Last Release on Mar 14, 2022