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ZooKeeper REST implementation using Jersey JAX-RS. -------------------------------------------------- This is an implementation of version 2 of the ZooKeeper REST spec. Note: This interface is currently experimental, may change at any time, etc... In general you should be using the Java/C client bindings to access the ZooKeeper server. This REST ZooKeeper gateway is useful because most of the languages have built-in support for working with HTTP based protocols. See ...

LicenseApache 2.0
DateMay 10, 2022
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Apache 2.0BSD 2-clauseCC0 1.0EDL 1.0EPL 2.0GPLMITPublicW3C
com.sun.jersey » jersey-client
Dist Coordination
Apache 2.0
org.apache.zookeeper » zookeeper
EPL 2.0
org.junit.vintage » junit-vintage-engine


Apache License, Version 2.0


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