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AppFuse domain objects and DAO interfaces for doing User Management and supporting generic CRUD. Domain objects have JPA annotations for Hibernate and JPA DAO implementations.

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Feb 20, 2015)
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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Ben Gillben<at>
Mika Goeckelmikagoeckel<at>codehaus.orgov3rdriv3cyber:con gmbh
Matt Raiblematt<at>raibledesigns.commraibleRaible Designs, Inc.
Nathan Andersonnathan<at>melinate.commelinateSum-Ware, Inc.
Sanjiv Jivansanjiv.jivan<at>gmail.comsjivani2 Technologies
Scott Ryanscott<at>theryansplace.comscryanSoaring Eagle, LLC.
David Whitehurstdlwhitehurst<at>gmail.comdlwhitehurstCape Henry Technologies Inc.
Bryan Nollbwnoll<at>gmail.combnoll
J. Garciajogaco.en<at>gmail.comjogaco
Andy Wilkinsonawilkinson at pivotal.iowilkinsonaProject leadPivotal Software, Inc.
Phillip Webbpwebb at pivotal.iopwebbProject leadPivotal Software, Inc.
Dave Syerdsyer at pivotal.iodsyerProject leadPivotal Software, Inc.

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