Contracts for interfaces to major components of AstroGrid. The contracts contain the XML schemata for the interfaces plus textual descriptions of the semantics.

LicenseAFL 2.1
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DateNov 04, 2012
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Java Spec
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XML Processing
EDL 1.0
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Guy Rixongtr<at>, Cambridge
Catherine Qinclq2<at> of Leicester
Kevin Bensonkmb<at>
Noel Winstanleynw<at>
Paul Harrisonpah<at>
Tony Lindeael<at> ManagerLeicester
Keith Noddlektn<at> ManagerLeicester
Guy Rixongtr<at>
Catherine Qinclq2<at> and Release WGLLeicester
Clive Pagecgp<at> Research Software DeveloperLeicester
Dave Morrismaven-report<at> Developer, MySpace Developer, filestore DeveloperCambridge
Elizabeth Audeneca<at> Research Software DeveloperMSSL
Jeff Lustedjl99<at> WGL, Portal Developer, Workflow DeveloperLeicester
John Taylorjdt<at>, Release, Testing, Common Execution Architecture Developer, Portal DeveloperROE
Kevin Bensonkmb<at> WGL, Registry DeveloperMSSL
Kona Andrewskea<at> Research WGLCambridge
Martin Hillmch<at> Developer, MySpace DeveloperROE
Noel Winstanleynw<at> Developer, Common Execution Architecture Developer, JES/Workflow Developer, MySpace DeveloperJodrell
Paul Harrisonpah<at> Execution Architecture Developer, AR Developer, VOSpace DeveloperJBCA University of Manchester
Phil Nicolsonpjn3<at> Developer, Portal Developer, Workflow DeveloperLeicester
Mark Taylorm.b.taylor<at>, SAMPBristol University